Boomaroo sales boom

Boomaroo sales boom

BOOMAROO Nurseries has launched a new greenlife range of pot plants to meet rising demand for backyard colour and taste.

The new BOOM brand includes edible herbs for and garden favourites cyclamen, daphne, maidenhair fern and calla lilly, and is sold at Bunnings.

Brothers Theo and Eric Jacometti, winners of last year's inaugural Coles Weekly Times Farmer of the Year award, said they aimed to continuously expand their business.

"It is not enough to be just a grower any more," Eric said.

"We realised that to grow our business we needed to change the way we operated.

"BOOM is part of our strategy to transform our business and align our needs with that of our customer, Bunnings, and most importantly the consumer.

"We went through a very extensive process of gathering customer and consumer feedback."

Boomaroo also produces 300 million seedlings a year for commercial lettuce and vegetable farms.

The new brand has more than 30 lines, including a continuous lettuce bowl, which produces for six weeks and comes in a biodegradable pot.

The brothers installed $2.5 million of new facilities and hired extra staff to improve efficiency and price.

Business development manager Andrew Burgess said the investment had paid off.

"It's been a phenomenal success. We've more than doubled our sales, and will sell about one million plants in our first year," he said.

"We plan to eventually grow the range to sell 2-2.5 million plants a year."

The nursery has a Facebook advice page and customers can also scan the bar code of the plants in-store with a smart phone for plant information.

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