Bellaverde Sweet Stem Broccoli

Brassica oleracea


If you're looking for broccoli with a unique, sweet taste which is not only a versatile ingredient but is equally delicious when eaten on its own, then look no further than bellaverde®. Whether it's lightly steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or eaten raw, used in salads, soups, or as a side dish, it will transform a meal into something special with its delicate, clean, fresh taste, quite unlike any other broccoli.


Bellaverde Sweet Stem Bunching Broccoli is prized for its small compact florets atop a sweet and tender stem. Bellaverde® is Italian for "beautiful green." Broccoli originates from the Calabria region of Italy – which is why it is sometimes called calabrese – so it was appropriate to give it an Italian name.

Varieties available

Bellaverde Sweet Stem Broccoli is a favourite in retail stores. Now for the first time Bellaverde seedlings are available to plant and grow in the home vegetable garden. A few plants will provide months of fresh healthy Sweet Stem Broccoli florets for the kitchen.

Growing and Care

Bellaverde can be grown all year round in cool climates and will tolerate frosts. Plant in full sun 20cm apart. It is important to pinch out the primary head from the main stem when it reaches 2-4cm in diameter. This promotes the growth of the florets. First harvest is generally 7-10 days after "pinching" and can be harvested 6-8 times every 3-5 days depending on growing conditions.

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The secret of bellaverde's® sweetness is in the sunlight! When the main head of broccoli has been harvested, fresh new shoots develop, which after 10 days are ready to be picked. The shoots grow above the plant so that they can catch the sunlight. The sunlight and the quick growth give the shoots their attractive green colour and distinctive sweet taste and textur