Lettuce Mix 10 pack

Lactuca sativa

Five special lettuce varieties selected for better performance, faster growth and superior taste. A mix of unique flavours, colours and textures ensures a sensational salad every time.


This impressive assortment of lettuce varieties offers the highest quality, as used by market gardeners. It is packed with flavour, fibre, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Varieties available

The BOOM Lettuce mix pack features the unique Salanova lettuce; Salanova is a new generation of lettuce varieties which offer salad lovers a wide choice of flavours, shapes and colours. Salanova stands for fresh, flavoursome, crunchy and for extreme convenience. The pack includes a mix of red and greens varieties to add colour and texture to your salads.

Growing and Care

Place your lettuce in well drained soil and ensure you water regularly to keep plants growing strongly. Harvest the entire head or pick fresh leaves as required, you can continue to harvest for a number of weeks.

Other important information:

If possible do not cut or slice lettuce leaves in advance, as this will reduce the vitamin C in the lettuce.


BOOM lettuce will perform best in a bright, sunny position.

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