Solanum lycopersicum


Nothing beats taste, flavour and freshness more than home grown tomatoes. Ideal for Bruschetta, tomato and green salads, sandwiches or grilled on the BBQ.


This is a compact bush that is ideally suited to the home vegetable garden. It produces a firm gourmet medium size tomato with excellent colour and flavour.

Growing and Care

Plant in a full sun position at least 600mm part to allow for good air flow. Soil should be well drained with good organic matter. Plant your tomato plants deeper then than they come in the pot. You can plant them to a depth just below the first leaves; they will then develop roots all along the buried stem which will give you a stronger plant. Water regularly to keep the plants moving forward, avoid letting them dry out when they are young. Initially feed with Tomato starter fertilizer, tomatoes require regularly feeding, granular fertilizer can be supplemented by liquid fertiliser


Water regularly to prevent skin cracking. It is not essential to stake this variety due to its' compact bushy habit, however staking may benefit fruiting and disease control.

Other important information:

To prevent disease occurring avoid wetting the foliage. Morning watering is best

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