Bloomers 10 pack (seasonal flowering varieties)

A stunning collection of showy blooms that will add instant colour and texture to your garden. Ideal for pots, garden beds, borders, rockeries and hanging baskets.

Varieties available

The Bloomer 10 pack features a classic assortment of seasonal flowering plants which include pansy, viola, petunia and marigold to name a few.

Growing and Care

Thrives in full sun to part shade in moist, well drained soil. Before planting, cultivate soil to a depth of 15cm and mix in with complete garden fertiliser. Use premium potting mix for containers.

Other important information:

Bloomer 10 pack varieties are seasonal and will change throughout the


To get the most benefit from your Bloomer 10 pack plant them on mass to give you a stunning display of colour in your garden. To encourage new flower growth, pinch off old flowers.

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