Ornithogalum Chincherinchee

The Ornithogalum Chincherinchee is often chosen for the beautiful floral display it provides. The densely clustered blooms appear wonderfully delicate, yet the Chincherinchee is hardy and easy to grow.

The Chincherinchee is a tender bulb plant, native to South Africa. This perennial herb grows from 20-50 cms in height / 30cms in width and produces spikes of white flowers amongst rich green, strappy leaves. Tight clusters of flowers grow upon leafless stalks and are white or creamy-white with a brown or green centre that fades with age. The leaves range from 15-30 cms in length and have a smooth, soft texture. It is suitable for growing in pots, borders and rockeries.

CAUTION: Harmful if eaten.

Varieties available

The BOOM Ornithogalum Chincherinchee is available in a 140mm pot size.

Growing and Care

Chincherinchee is easy to grow in full sun and part shade and will flower from early spring until summer. It can handle light frost as well as dry conditions. The Chincherinchee prefers well-drained soil. It has round bulbs that become dormant over the winter months. The fleshy leaves will also die back after flowering.


Ornithogalum Chincherinchee can provide a beautiful display as a cut flower inside your home. Their extra long vase life makes them an ideal choice for floral arrangements.