Cyclamen persicum

A BOOM Cyclamen makes the perfect living gift, "a burst of colour" for that special someone that will last for months. Cyclamen are a hardy plant that can grow indoors or outdoors in a shady position. A mass planting of cyclamen in the garden creates an eye catching display of intense colour that will continue for many months. Also brighten any room with a burst of colour from a BOOM cyclamen or feature as a unique table decoration.

The stunning cyclamen range from BOOM offers the most extraordinary colour range available in the market. BOOM brings to you old favourites as well as the latest in new varieties and spectacular colours from overseas; these include miniatures, fragrant varieties, large flowering and various leaf and flower patterns. BOOM cyclamen are renowned for their stunning blooms that are produced in abundance above rounded leathery foliage. These attractive long lasting blooms are available in a wide range of flower and foliage combinations.

Varieties available

The BOOM cyclamen colour range includes, white, pink, purple, salmon, red, rose, violet, magenta, fantasia mix, Victoria, flamed mix, and many more. These are available in both150mm and 190mm pot size.

Growing and Care

Ideal for pots and large containers, they prefer a cool, well lit, airy position. They do not enjoy rooms with central heating and will benefit from being put outside at night. Keep moist but never over wet and avoid wetting the foliage. Remove spent flowers by twisting the base of the stem, as this will encourage new growth. Feed with a low- nitrogen fertilizer every 2-3 weeks whilst in flower. Cyclamen are tolerant of diverse soil types and are not concerned too much with the pH, although they prefer a slightly alkaline soil.

Other important information:

CAUTION: Harmful if eaten: The Rhizome, (thickened roots) can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea if eaten.


BOOM cyclamen plants will perform best in a bright, airy position. Avoid constant full sun, especially if warm, as this will cause flowers to drop earlier. Cyclamen will also not perform as well if kept in a dark area.If kept indoors keep away from constant warm areas, and when possible put outside for a short period.

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