Lewisia Little Fairies

Lewisia cotyledon ‘Elise’

A new perennial plant bred in Holland, originating from the Rocky Mountains. It is a semi succulent plant with huge flowering potential. It has an initial flush but will continue to flower for an extended period. This plant makes a wonderful living gift and a colourful addition to your garden.

An enchanting palette of colours brings a magical feel to your garden. Year round, open sprays of candy-striped blooms adorn the plant with rosettes of fleshy, spoon-shaped leaves nestling below.

Varieties available

The BOOM Lewisia Little Fairies is available in 140mm pot size.

Growing and Care

This variety is heat and cold tolerant so will handle all conditions giving great colour right through the year. To keep Lewisia Little Fairies looking great, position them in full sun. This will allow the flowers to continually bloom in those stunning candy-striped colours. Water as required although keep in mind that this is a semi succulent plant. Removing spent flower stems will encourage more flowering. Lewisia Little Fairies needs to be placed in a humus-rich soil with excellent drainage and can be left in containers or planted in the garden.

Other important information:

Plant in soil that is well drained, ideal pH is between 5-6. Do not over water or over.


Position in full sun for best results. Once established, they are drought tolerant and will thrive if positioned with other plants of similar requirements such as Ptilotus Joey and Fuchsia Electric Lights / Candy Lights