Ornithogalum Snowflake

Chesapeake Snowflake

The BOOM Ornithogalum Snowflake is perfect in a pot or can be planted in the garden. This flower makes a fantastic cut flower that lasts several weeks in the vase. It is a beautiful addition to your garden or the perfect gift for someone special!

'Snowflake' is a naturally dwarf Ornithogalum that presents a fabulous flower show from August through to Christmas. Each head of flowers produces lots of small white blooms on upright stems to 50cm high

Varieties available

The BOOM Snowflake is available in a 140mm pot size.

Growing and Care

Water regularly before and during flowering in the absence of rainfall. Gradually reduce watering over a period of several weeks after flowering. At this time, leaves will start to yellow and die down as the plant enters its natural summer dormancy. Use a complete fertiliser when flowers re-sprout in autumn.

CAUTION: Harmful if eaten


When pruning, remove old stems by cutting off at the base. Don't remove foliage until the plant has died back.

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