Tropical Canna

Canna species, dwarf form

Tropical Canna with their lush green or dark foliage and stunning vibrant flowers are a popular choice for creating an instant tropical feel to your garden, patio or deck.

A dwarf perennial with lush tropical foliage and large colourful flowers. It provides a striking display when flowering from Summer to Autumn. Ideal for planting in containers, along borders, or mass plantings along garden walls.

Varieties available

The BOOM Tropical Canna is available in Rose, Salmon, Red, Yellow and Primrose.

Growing and Care

Tropical Canna's grow in most areas of Australia and thrives in a sunny position. It is best grown in rich, moist, soil that is well-drained. A thin layer of mulch may help retain soil moisture. During the flowering period remove any spent blooms to promote and maintain the floral display. Cut back hard after flowering and fertilise in the spring. For best results protect from snails and slugs.


The Tropical Canna looks great planted in large containers and can provide a lush tropical display when mass planted in gardens that border swimming pools or deck areas. Their tall dense habit also provides an ideal low screen.

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